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Wooden engine

Wooden marble run

Connect game, co-designer Robert Chapman, photographer Harriet Crowder

Anymals game, artwork Daria Gan

Fizzog game, artwork Ray Carpenter

Trapsnap game

Upside-Down Jigsaws, illustrator Daria Gan


A year or so after we had embarked on the corporate identity for Galt Toys, I suggested to the client that their toys and games could be improved, and that we‘d like to have a go. They agreed, and we started with wooden toys, then progressed to card games. Bob Chapman and I spent a lot of time developing Connect, based very loosely on dominoes, which turned out to be a best-seller (and still is, in a modified form now produced by Ravensburger Spieleverlag of Germany). Another associate, Daria Gan, found a most satisfying outlet for her drawing skills in the card games Anymals and Upside-Down Jigsaws. Also listed in ken garland:photography, ken garland & associates:graphic design

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