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Here are the names of my associates in order of their appearance from 1962 to 2009. Most of them stayed longer than was good for their own careers but greatly to my advantage. I feel myself much in their debt. Also listed are the names of some of the design students and young designers who worked with us for short periods and who were most welcome.

Robert Chapman
Ray Carpenter
Trilokesh Mukherjee
Gill Scott
Patrick Gould
John O‘Neil
Norman Moore
Frank Hart
Daria Gan
Colin Bailey
Peter Cole
Ian Moore
Paul Cleal
Richard Marston
Anna Carson

Eric Smellie
George Burden
Winston Seaton
Steve Hammett
Leslie Duckworth
Paul Martin
Nina Grunfeld
Kathy Bick
Peter Kavanagh
Christina Zahar
Sam Robinson
Jannette Overy
Anne Brady
Tony Fox
Suzanne Baldwin
Octavius Murray

The team in 1982. Left to right: Colin Bailey, Peter Cole, Ken Garland

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