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Back and front cover of Engineering design 1986

Frontispiece and contents page of Engineering design

Front cover of Science Museum Review 1987

Front cover of Science Museum Review 1991, illustrator Barrie Tullett

Front cover of National Museum of Science & Industry review 1993, designer Richard Marston, photographer Phil Sayer

Poster for National Railway Museum, photographer Phil Sayer

Poster for Science Museum, photographer Phil Sayer

Name style for Flight Lab gallery of Science Museum, designer Colin Bailey


The earliest design work executed for the Museum was a book, Engineering Design, and in the same year we were responsible for the design and production of the first Science Museum Review; working closely with the editor, Andrew Nahum, we commissioned a series of photographs from Phil Sayer which were to throw a new light (both literally and figuratively) on some of the Museum’s most hallowed possessions, and which formed the basic illustrations for the Review. Eight of the photographs we commissioned for the Science Museum Review were later selected for a set of posters, intended for sale in the Science Museum, the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford, and the National Railway Museum, York. Phil Sayer’s photography was ideally suited to this purpose.

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