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butterley group of companies

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Symbol for The Butterley Company, artwork Robert Chapman

Cover of brochure for Stackpack delivery system, artwork Patrick Gould

Leaflet for Butterley Block Cubing Machine


The Butterley Company began business at the birth of the Industrial Revolution in the latter half of the eighteenth century. Burdened with a long and honoured reputation (they built Barlow’s mighty ‘hangar’ at Saint Pancras Station, for example), and now grown into a large, unwieldy and rather unprofitable group of companies, they were overdue for modernisation. Beginning with a symbol, derived from the unicorn on the Wright family crest, and an alphabet designed by us for their exclusive use, which was used for all headings, we embarked on an enthusiastic and ambitious house style programme which involved designing more than fifty letterheads, many catalogues, brochures and leaflets, vehicle livery, estate and factory signs. We all had a great time for several years until suddenly the group was taken over by some faceless financial jugglers, whose name escapes me (perhaps they didn’t even have one).

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