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The choice of the trading name ‘Ken Garland and Associates: Designers’ was in order to signify that the outfit didn’t consist merely of one designer plus odd helpers who knocked off paste-ups, took phone messages or ran errands. Those who worked with me between 1962 and 2009 have always been designers designing – no secretaries, no typists, no donkey-workers. There were never more than three of them at any one time. I intend no criticism of larger, probably more illustrious design groups when I say that, for me, an increase in size would have meant fruitless to-ing and fro-ing, more unexplained and unacceptable overheads, and less fun.

Galt Toys catalogue, 1960

Galt Toys catalogue, 1960

Metrication Board brochure, 1970

Keniston Housing Association brochure, 1968

Regent’s Park exhibition panel

Metaphors book, 2001

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