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campaign for nuclear disarmament

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My first work for CND: a double crown (762mm x 508mm) poster for the 1962 Easter March

An extension of the double crown poster to quad crown (762mm x 1016mm), created by overlapping the image from the double crown to convey the idea of marching banners

Poster-come-leaflet, using a photograph of my daughter, Ruth, looking out of a window. The leaflet had a 500,000 run

Banners outside Windsor Castle, 1963

‘A policy for Britain’, 1966


Even if I hadn’t been on the very first Easter March (yes, the one that ended up in that awful muddy field outside the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Aldermaston) and become a devoted adherent to the campaign, it would have been quite impossible to refuse anything to the late Peggy Duff, the Organising Secretary of CND. Though she never had a penny to offer me, she was my most inspiring and endearing client, and I was always ready to bust a gut whenever she got us on the blower with yet another all-but-impossible task. Also listed in ken garland:photography

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