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This website is divided in three parts. The first relates to personal work in graphic design, published writing, lectures and conference papers, and photography. Design work in this part is primarily related to the period before the setting-up of Ken Garland & Associates (1962), though there are some items after this date – mainly concerned with work for social and political causes – which I thought best to keep to myself. The published writing, lectures and conference papers thread their way throughout my working life, running parallel with studio practice; and to an increasing extent, photography has become the main component of my current work. The second, larger part deals with the work carried out under the aegis of Ken Garland & Associates since early 1962. There was, of course, considerable cross-over between the two parts, and this is signalled by footnotes where relevant. The third part is devoted to Ken and Wanda Garland’s publishing venture, Pudkin Books. Founded in 2008, it provides the means whereby you may order titles online.
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